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Chapter 11: Two Paths, One Ultimate Reality

Now you have become aware you may fall down. Now you have chosen not to fall down. Now you have chosen something. Now you are not walking at ease. It is a choice not to fall down. You have chosen. Because of this choice, every step is toward falling down, so you will have to move right and left to balance.

Life is just a rope, a very narrow rope. If you choose, you have chosen wavering. Neither good nor bad - that is the only good. Neither this nor that - this is the only religion. The Upanishads have said: Neti, neti - not this, not that. We don’t choose. It is an effortless understanding. It is simple understanding.

In neo-sannyas, what are you doing - balancing the present irreligious state of the world or are you creating another opposite pole?

No opposite pole is to be created because neo-sannyas is not a choice. It is not against the world. If sannyas is against the world, it is a choice; then, if your sannyas is against the world, you will create a very worldly society. We have done this in India. These five thousand years in India were a conscious choice for sannyas, renunciation. Renunciation was the goal. And look at the Indian mind: the most worldly in the whole world. Why? We have tried to create an absolutely unattached society, and look at the Indian mind - the greediest. We have been saying, “Wealth means nothing. It is simply mud! Nothing!” And look at our society: wealth is everything.

Why did this happen? This was a conscious choice. We were against the world. Through that conscious choice, we moved to the other extreme. So now we go on talking against the world and we go on being worldly.

The same in the reverse order will become possible in the West. They have chosen the world, and now their children are going against the world, against society, against the establishment, against whatsoever has been held as valuable. America stood for wealth, and now their children are hippies, they are against wealth. America was a clean society, cleanliness was held just next to godliness, and now hippies are just going against this - the most unclean.

Why? When you choose, something will happen to balance. If you choose wealth, your children will be against wealth. If you choose some other world, your children will belong to this world, they will choose this world.

Neo-sannyas is not a choice. It is a deep acceptance, not a choice. It is not against, neither is it for. It is a deep understanding, remaining in between. Not choosing - living; not choosing - flowing. If you can flow with a deep acceptance inside, sooner or later the day will come when you will transcend both. To me, sannyas means not renunciation but transcendence.