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Chapter 36: From Maya (Illusion) to Reality

If a negative mind comes to a rose, to a garden, many roses may be there, but he will count only the thorns. The first thing for the negative mind is the thorns; that is significant. Flowers are just illusory; only thorns are real. He will count, and, of course, for each flower a thousand thorns exist. And once he has counted a thousand thorns he cannot believe in one flower. He will say this one flower is just illusory. How can such a beautiful flower exist with such ugly thorns, violent thorns? It is impossible, it is unbelievable. And even if it exists, it means nothing now. One thousand thorns have been counted, and the flower disappears.

A positive mind will start with the rose, with the flower. And once you are in a communion with the rose, once you know the beauty, the life, the unearthly flowering, thorns disappear. And one who has known the rose in its beauty, in its highest possibility, one who has looked deep into it, for him now even thorns will not look like thorns. The eyes filled with the rose are different now. Now the thorns will look just like a protection for this flower. They will not be enemies; they will look just like part of the happening of flowers.

Now this mind will know that this flower happens and these thorns are needed, they protect. Because of these thorns this flower could happen. This positive mind will feel grateful even to thorns. And if this approach deepens, a moment comes when thorns become flowers. With the first approach the flower disappears - or the flower even becomes a thorn. Only with a positive mind can you get the state of a non-tense mind. With a negative mind you will remain tense, with so many miseries all around. Such a negative, inventive mind goes on revealing miseries and miseries and hells and hells.

In Buddha’s time, there was one really famous teacher. His name was Sanjay Vilethiputta. He was an absolutely negative thinker. Buddha thought of seven hells, so someone came to Sanjay Vilethiputta and told him that Buddha said there are seven hells. Sanjay Vilethiputta said, “Go and tell your Buddha he doesn’t know anything. There are seven hundred hells. He doesn’t know anything! Only seven? There are seven hundred hells, and I have counted all of them.”

If you have a negative mind, even seven hundred are not much. You will find more; there is no end to it. The positive mind can be non-tense. Really, if you are positive how can you be tense and if you are negative how you can be non-tense? With a negative mind there can be no association with meditation. The negative mind is anti-meditative; it cannot meditate. A single mosquito is enough to destroy all meditation. With a negative mind, the door is closed for tranquillity, for stillness, for silence. The negative mind is self-perpetuating for misery. How can it take a jump toward choicelessness?

Krishnamurti goes on talking about choicelessness, and the audience is negative. They listen, but they never understand. And when they are not understanding, Krishnamurti gets disturbed because they are not understanding him. Only a positive mind can understand what he is saying, but a positive mind need not go anywhere - neither to any Krishnamurti nor to any Osho, nowhere. Only a negative mind is in search of a teacher, of a master.

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