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Chapter 17: Almost Drunk With Emotion

His wife was tired of teaching him. Wives are great teachers! No wonder that in schools slowly, slowly men are being replaced by women. They are great teachers. They don’t smoke, they don’t drink, they don’t go hunting.they don’t do anything out of the way. They have manners and etiquette, they don’t use dirty words..

When George Bernard Shaw published his dictionary - a valuable contribution to literature - three old women approached him, very angry, “You seem to be a sex maniac!”

He said, “My God, what have I done?”

They said, “Look at this book you have published.”

In that twelve-hundred-page book, there were three words which people think are dirty.

George Bernard Shaw said, “You are great scholars. You must have read twelve hundred pages of a dictionary to find out three words. Are you the sex maniacs or am I the sex maniac?”

.The wife was tired of teaching the husband. Finally she tried another way. She said, “Now I myself am going to drink if you don’t stop.”

The husband was a little shocked thinking that it would be very difficult - two drunkards in the home both teaching each other not to drink. It is a very rare experience. He tried saying, “No. It does not look good in a woman.”

A woman is a pious being, a religious being. Just look in the church; it is filled with women. Only a few men go there - just to find some woman if they can. Their interest is not in the crucified Jesus - who is interested in criminals and who is interested in a boring sermon?

.The man said, “It does not look good.”

The woman said, “I am determined. Either you stop or I am going to start.”

The man said, “My stopping is impossible. If you are stubborn just take a little taste.”

He gave her a little cup full of whiskey. These things don’t taste good. The woman took one sip and threw the cup and said, “My God! It is almost poison.”

And the man laughed and said, “And you always thought that I was enjoying.! It is not a joy. You do your work. It takes long practice and great guts. It is not for you.”

But why do people drink? To avoid those whom they love or at least think they love.

Two men are sitting in a bar, every day. Late at night when the bar is due to close, the barman has to almost push them out. They go on drinking and drinking. One day, just before they started drinking one man asked the other, “We are the only two real drinkers; the others are just learners, immature. Can I ask why you drink so much?”

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