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Chapter 5: Love Yourself and Watch

Meditation is not a relationship; the other is not needed at all, one is enough unto oneself. One is bathed in one’s own glory, bathed in one’s own light. One is simply joyous because one is alive, because one is.

The greatest miracle in the world is that you are, that I am. To be is the greatest miracle, and meditation opens the doors of this great miracle. But only a man who loves himself can meditate; otherwise you are always escaping from yourself, avoiding yourself. Who wants to look at an ugly face and who wants to penetrate into an ugly being? Who wants to go deep into one’s own mud, into one’s own darkness? Who wants to enter the hell that you think you are? You want to keep this whole thing covered up with beautiful flowers and you always want to escape from yourself.

Hence people are continuously seeking company. They can’t be with themselves; they want to be with others. People are seeking any type of company, if they can avoid the company of themselves anything will do. They will sit in a movie house for three hours seeing something utterly stupid. They will read a detective novel for hours, wasting their time. They will read the same newspaper again and again just to keep themselves engaged. They will play cards and chess just to kill time - as if they have too much time!

We don’t have too much time; we don’t have time enough to grow, to be, to rejoice. But this is one of the basic problems created by a wrong upbringing: you avoid yourself.

People are sitting before their TV’s glued to their chairs, for four, five, even six hours. The average American is watching TV five hours per day, and this disease is going to spread all over the world. And what are you seeing and what are you getting? Burning your eyes, because TV is the first thing in the world in which you have to look at the very source of the light. Ordinarily you never look at the light itself - you look at lighted objects. You don’t look at the sun; you look at the rose - the sun is shining on the rose. You look at the green trees, you look at people’s faces. You don’t look at the electric bulb itself, you look at the painting on the wall. You would not be able to see the painting if the light was not there, but you don’t look directly at the source of light because that burns the very delicate mechanism of your eye.

Now in TV you are looking directly at the source of the light. A movie is far better than TV, because at least you are not looking directly at the source of light. TV is creating so many diseases, now they are suspecting that even cancer may be one of those diseases. And a few more new diseases are bound to be discovered soon, because the generation that is looking at TV for five, six hours per day is growing up. The new generation will bring a new generation of diseases too.

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