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Chapter 78: The Inner Guide

Then he sat at the window of his hut. The night was cool, and the full moon was in the sky. He wrote a small haiku, a small poem. In the haiku he said, “If I could have given this moon to that thief, I would have.” This mind! What has he lost? Just a blanket. What has he gained? The whole world, all that can be gained. He has gained innocence, trust, love.

For this man no technique is needed. His master would say, “Just look. Be aware. Be alert.” And that would do.

The second question:

How to differentiate between the dictates of the unconscious mind and that of the inner guide? How can one recognize that the inner guide has come into function?

The first thing: because of Freud, much misunderstanding has arisen around the word unconscious. Freud completely misunderstood it, misinterpreted it. And he has become the very basis of modern knowledge about mind. To Freud, unconscious meant simply the repressed conscious, the suppressed part of the conscious. So all that is evil and bad, immoral, has been suppressed. Because the society cannot allow it, it has to be suppressed within. For Freud, that repressed part is the unconscious - but not for mystics. Freud is not a mystic; he has not entered his own unconscious. He has been simply observing cases of patients: ill people, abnormal people, mad, insane, pathological. He has been studying the pathological mind, and through the study of the pathological mind - and that, too, from without - he concluded that just underneath the conscious there is an unconscious mind. That unconscious mind carries all that has been suppressed from the childhood, all that society has condemned. The mind has suppressed it, just to forget that it is there.

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