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Chapter 6: Politics and Love

Everybody walks on his own path. In fact, the path is not found ready-made. You create it by walking, and it disappears when you have gone ahead. So nobody else can walk on it; it is never left behind. It is just like the birds flying in the sky. Once they have flown, they don’t leave any footprints. Nobody can follow it. There is no need.

Don’t compare. Be contented with yourself. Enjoy, delight, help yourself to be yourself. This is your way.

The fifth question:

I was not looking for you, and yet you found me. I was not deserving. There are others I know who have tried harder to find the truth. Why have I been so lucky?

Because you are so humble.

It is possible that you may be trying hard, but the effort comes out of the ego. You may not be trying, you may be simply waiting, but that waiting can come out of humbleness. Effort, with ego, will fail. Even no effort, with humbleness, will succeed. If you feel that “I was not looking for you, and yet you found me,” if you feel “I was not deserving,” that’s how you have deserved it. That’s how!

Feeling that you were not looking for me, I have found you. Your deep humbleness, deep humility, has created the situation. It is only in humbleness that a master is found. It is only in humbleness that the divine happens.

Your effort is of no use because it is yours. The “you” is too much. That will hinder the path.

The sixth question:

Before you found me I had already renounced my family, race and religion. Now it has all changed. I have never felt so affected as now, since my parents and sister are sannyasins too. Something special and indescribable has happened between me and them, I feel. And in Judaism I find myself and accept myself. What is happening?

This is what should happen.

Jesus says, “Hate your father, hate your mother, hate your brethren and sisters.” He cannot teach hate: he must be using hate as a means towards real love. And this is what has happened. You had already renounced your family, race and religion, but that renunciation must have been out of ego. It was not a rebellion; it must have been a reaction. You must have done it without knowing what you are doing.