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Chapter 11: Each Living Being Sooner or Later Is Going to Become a God

He said, “That seems to be logical because Jesus Christ was crucified.”

He became friendly, very friendly. Just three or four days ago I received a letter from another jail. Bobby had been moved to another jail. He told his new cell-mate about me, and told him, “Write a letter to Bhagwan to tell him that poor Bobby remembers him.” He also said, “Bhagwan will have forgotten my name, but he shattered all my beliefs. Just being five days with him was enough.”

God created the world in six days: Bobby was finished in five days, because I explained to him the simple fact that “God is the final evolution. Bobby, one day you are going to be a god. But it is not going to happen by prayer.”

The religions which believe in God are bound to believe in prayer. That’s why in the West meditation has never developed. Only religions that don’t believe in God have developed meditation. Because God is out there somewhere, you have to pray, you have to depend on him. If he listens, good, if he does not listen, what can you do?

Meditation is developed by those whose god is inside. That’s where I find people like Jesus Christ contradictory. On the one hand he says, “The kingdom of God is within.” And then every day he prays to a God somewhere above the skies. This is a simple contradiction which cannot be explained in any way. If God is within, then meditation is the way, not prayer. Prayer to whom? To yourself. That is the only way of getting deeper into your consciousness and finding the godliness which I call sachchidanand.

So when a Buddhist or a Jaina is talking to a Hindu or a Christian, if they mention the word God, there will be no communication at all. The Christian will hear one thing: he will hear about the God who created the world six thousand and four years ago, on the first of January of course, a Monday - because he cannot create in the middle of the calendar. There was no calendar before he created the world. The calendar starts with the world. You can’t have a calendar when there is no universe. Where will you hang it? Simple problems. Where will you print it? So Christians don’t say January the first, Monday. I am saying it. But if he ever created the world, at the same time he must have created the calendar.

The moment the Christian thinks of God, he immediately thinks of this whole thing that is lined up in his mind. When a Buddhist says Bhagwan, there is no question of creation. He is not looking backward, he is not looking into the past, he is looking forward. He is looking forward to everybody’s evolution, into the ultimate flowering of consciousness, truth and bliss. Each living being, sooner or later, is going to become a god. One day the whole of existence will be full of gods. And that will be its ultimate evolution.

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