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Chapter 22: Unblocking the Third Eye

With the third eye you become capable of seeing things which are there, but which cannot be seen with ordinary eyes. All the methods about looking affect the third eye, because looking means a certain energy moving outward from you toward the world. If blocked, if suddenly blocked, the energy will find another path, and the third eye is just near.

In Tibet there were even surgical operations for the third eye. Sometimes it happens that your third eye is blocked because you have not used it for millennia. If the third eye is blocked and you stop your eyes, you will feel a certain uneasiness because the energy is there and there is no path where to move. In Tibet they devised certain operations to have the passage cleared. This can be done. And if it is not done, then many things can happen.

Just two or three days before, one sannyasin - she is here - came to me. She said, “There is a very hot sensation at the third eye.” And not only was there the sensation, the skin had become burned as if really someone had burned it from the outside. The sensation, the burning, was inside, but the skin was affected. It became completely burned. She was afraid - what had happened? The feeling was pleasant, the warmth was very pleasant as if something were melting. Something was happening, but even the physical body had become affected, as if actual fire had touched it.

The reason? The third eye had started functioning, the energy began to move in it. It had been cold for lives together; energy never moved through it. When for the first time energy moves there is the warmth. When for the first time energy moves there is the burning sensation. And because the passage has to be created and forced, it may become like fire. It is concentrated energy hammering on the third eye.

In India we have been using sandalwood powder and other things, ghee and other things, just on the third eye spot. We call this mark a tilak. It is put just on the third eye spot in order to give a certain coolness from the outside. So if warmth comes within and fire moves within, it should not affect the skin outside. Not only can the skin be burnt by it, sometimes even holes have appeared on the skull.

I was reading one of the most penetrating books about one of the very deep mysteries of human existence on the earth. There have always been proposals that man came from some other star, because there seems to be no possibility that man suddenly evolved on earth. There seems to be no possibility really that man could have evolved from a baboon or a chimpanzee. And there has been no link, because if man evolved from the chimpanzee to be man, there must be links - something that is between man and chimpanzee - but there is no such thing. With all the available data and discoveries, we have not yet found a single body structure, a skull or anything, which we can say is a link between the chimpanzee and man.

Evolution means steps. A chimpanzee cannot suddenly become a man - stages must have been followed. But there is no proof, so Darwin’s theory remains a hypothesis. There are no in-between links.

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