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Chapter 8: The Center of the Cyclone

How do you feel now, personally, after all the commotion that happened prior to your departure from the USA?

As far as I am concerned, I simply feel great, just as great as before all the commotion, as great as I was in the commotion. There is no change in my inner consciousness. It is utterly silent and utterly rejoicing, in every situation.

Even the American jailer, after twelve days, had to accept me. He said, “I am an old man and I am just going to be retired soon, but you are my first prisoner - thousands of people have been in this prison - to be going out of the prison looking better, healthier than you entered twelve days ago. What is the secret?”

I said, “The secret is simple: I enjoyed the whole scene. It was a great learning for me, and all your efforts to harass me.”

They did not allow me to sleep for twenty-four hours in the whole twelve days. They would put me in a cell exactly between two television sets, and the television sets would be going as loud as possible from the early morning till midnight, continuously. And they had made arrangements that after the television sets were silent, then the inmates would start talking from one cell to another - loudly of course, because if you are talking from one cell to another cell, you have to talk very loudly. And this continued till the television sets would start again.

So I said, “It has been a great opportunity for me. I rested, and my rest is something that you cannot disturb. I am the center of the cyclone. And I am looking better because you have been refusing me vegetarian food. You have been telling me that there is no special arrangement, that I have to eat whatsoever is available. I have asked if you can just give me milk, if you can give me fruit or vegetables. You said no, that whatever is available and is given to every prisoner would be given to me.

“So I was not eating, and I saw that the prisoners were more human than the bureaucrats. Seeing the situation, they started bringing their milk, their fruit, and they would tell me, ‘Osho, I know they are torturing you. There are fruits, there are vegetables, there is milk. We are given everything, but we can eat meat; there is no problem, you can take.’ So I have lost eight pounds in weight, which my personal physician Dr. Devaraj was continuously wanting. That’s why I am looking good.”

A tremendous feeling has arisen in me that even if you throw me into hell - you have already done that - you cannot disturb my paradise.

Wherever I am, my paradise will be with me.

You can kill me, but you cannot kill my spirit.

Questions from “Sonntags Blick”, Switzerland and “Tempo”, Germany.

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