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Chapter 7: I Have Been Fooled!

This is not the first time you hear these words. You have already heard them many times. You are very ancient. It could well be that you have heard them from Ashtavakra. There are certainly some among you who have heard him. Some have heard Buddha, some Krishna, some Jesus, some Mohammed, some Lao Tzu, some Zarathustra. On this earth there have continuously been such men; you have passed near all of them and gathered here. So many lamps have been lit, it is impossible that the light of some lamp has not come to your eyes. Your cup has been filled many times.

Oh unfortunate one,
how many times has your cup been filled
and, unnoticed, been tipped over and emptied?
Your cup goes on being filled but still it remains empty. You are unable to contain it.

And that song said to me:
Invincible one! Oh, haven’t you woken up yet?
And this light, from an unbound source, floods.

And morning is approaching. Many times morning has come and many suns have come out, but you go on sitting, holding tight to your darkness. If you let go of your poverty it will be gone.

Janak says, “I see only one. I have been dissolved into that one. That one has dissolved in me.”

The Vedas say
the one who renounces all, is a sannyasin,
is greater than the Vedas.
His brilliance outshines the world.
He resides in the lord of the universe,
the lord of the universe resides in him.

“The Vedas say, the one who renounces all is a sannyasin, is greater than the Vedas” - he is higher even than the Vedas, because - “He resides in the lord of the universe, the lord of the universe resides in him.”

In that moment Janak’s consciousness was not separate from the universal soul, it became one. He himself was startled.

Just as cloth when analyzed is nothing but thread, this universe when analyzed is nothing but the soul.

Looking wakefully, discriminately, looking consciously.. If you look carefully at cloth what will you find? You will find only woven threads - one thread going this way, one thread going that way. Cloth is made by weaving them like this again and again - cloth is a mesh of threads. But the strange thing is that although you can’t wear threads, you can wear cloth. If you collect a heap of thread you can’t put it on. Although cloth too is nothing but a collection of threads, it is only a difference of the arrangement. By weaving threads across each other cloth is made; then you can cover yourself with cloth. But what is the difference? - it is still thread. What difference does it make how you arrange them?