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Chapter 31: The Art of Being Human

What man has done to man is inconceivable. Just Adolf Hitler alone is responsible for killing at least ten million people. Joseph Stalin is not far behind. In the twentieth century, are you going to allow all this to go on?

No, we are not going to allow it anymore.

Our ways of changing this world are certainly different. We are not going to create nuclear weapons to conquer the world and change it, no.

We have already the greatest weapon in our hands: meditation.

Spread it far and wide to everyone you love, to everyone you know.

Don’t tell anybody that it is something to be believed in. Just say, “I experimented, and it is something not to be missed. You experiment. There is nothing to lose. If you don’t get anything out of it, you have not lost anything. And it is such a simple thing that everybody, even a small child, can start doing it. And it can be done even by the dying man in the last moment of his life.”

And if a dying man can do it, can reach his center, he will know that death is happening only to the house in which he used to live, but he is not going to die. He will know his eternity, his immortality. And that knowledge, that wisdom is the greatest richness that one can achieve.

I have been a sannyasin for eleven years. Never in my life have I been as happy as now. But when I listen to you lately, I feel that I have never really gone inside. Is this possible?

Not only possible, it is absolutely certain.

Just being happy is nothing. It is dangerous too, because somebody who is unhappy at least tries to find some way to get out of it.

You have been a sannyasin for eleven years. Naturally - my people are immensely happy people, and happiness is catching - you are caught by the happiness of everybody. And there is no reason to be sad here, there is no reason to be frustrated here, there is no reason to be disappointed here. But this happiness is not what I call blissfulness. This happiness is good, but just good is not enough.

You will have to enter into yourself.

And remember, in entering into yourself you are not going to lose your happiness. You are fortunate, because the person who starts from unhappiness will have to lose unhappiness.

You are not going to lose anything.

You will find more and more happiness.

And you will find the happiness turning, changing into blissfulness, and finally into enlightenment.

You are on the right track, but you are not moving!