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Chapter 7: Your Ego Is the Distance between You and Me

After being here with you for a while, the world looks to me like a big madhouse, and your place looks like the only madhouse where we can become sane. How can we prevent ourselves from becoming mad again when we go back into the world? The madness is very infectious, and until now, whenever I have gone back into the world, I begin to become what everyone else calls “normal.”

It is certainly a great problem for all sannyasins when they go back into the world: if they remain the way they are here, they will certainly be thought abnormal, unfit. They may lose their jobs, they may lose their wives, they may lose everything. They may find themselves in an insane asylum. So it is exactly what you are doing that everybody else is doing - when you go into the world, be normally mad; just fit with their style.

Only one thing has to be remembered: that it is your acting, that you are acting simply in order not to create unnecessary trouble for yourself and for others. And you can act, because you have been in the world; you know all the roles there. There is no need for anybody to prompt you. You have lived your whole life in that big madhouse; you know its language, its style, its functioning. Act it! Don’t become normal, just act normal. Deep inside remember that it is madness.

In other words, with awareness adjust yourself to society - but with awareness, so that your consciousness remains floating above and there is no compromise as far as your consciousness is concerned.

Outside, if people like to use lipstick, you can use it - there is no problem. Although it is ugly.but what else to do when the world has painted lips? It is dirty and in countries where people are kissing each other, when you kiss one woman you may be kissing hundreds of people because the same lipstick has been moving all around. It is highly unhygienic, and recently it has become the most dangerous thing in the world because you can catch a disease called AIDS, just by kissing someone.

The hygienic way is such that you will be immediately caught, for being abnormal. The hygienic way is what Eskimos do: they rub noses when they are in great love, they never kiss. For centuries they have known the fact that kissing is a dirty habit; mixing each other’s saliva cannot be called a healthy and hygienic thing. When the Eskimos first saw the Christian missionaries who had reached their land, they could not believe it. What kind of people are these? - because their way of showing love was absolutely hygienic.

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