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Chapter 7: See Yourself in Others

All beings tremble before violence.
All fear death.
All love life.

See yourself in others.
Then whom can you hurt?
What harm can you do?

He who seeks happiness
by hurting those who seek happiness
will never find happiness.

For your brother is like you.
He wants to be happy.
Never harm him
and when you leave this life
you too will find happiness.

Never speak harsh words
for they will rebound upon you.
Angry words hurt
and the hurt rebounds.

Like a broken gong
be still, be silent.
Know the stillness of freedom
where there is no more striving.

Like herdsmen driving their cows into the fields
old age and death will drive you before them.

But the fool in his mischief forgets
and he lights the fire
wherein one day he must burn.

He who harms the harmless
or hurts the innocent
ten times shall he fall -

Into torment or infirmity,
injury or disease or madness,
persecution or fearful accusation,
loss of family, loss of fortune.

Fire from heaven shall strike his house
and when his body has been struck down
he shall rise in hell.

What is the greatest mystery of existence? It is not life, it is not love - it is death.

Science tries to understand life; hence remains partial. Life is only a part of the total mystery, and a very tiny part - superficial, just on the circumference. It has no depth, it is shallow. Hence science remains shallow. It knows much and knows it in great detail, but all its knowing remains superficial - as if you know the ocean only by its waves and you have never dived deep into it, and you don’t know its infinity.

Life is finite, momentary. This moment it is there, the next moment gone. It is a breeze, comes and goes.it does not abide. Hence the claim of science that it knows the truth is not true. It knows only the partial truth, and to claim the partial as the total is one of the absurdities of the scientific approach. What it knows is true, but it is not the whole truth. And the moment you claim that the part is the whole, you falsify even the part.

Love is midway. It is exactly in the middle of life and death. It is half life, half death; hence the fear of love. Unless you are ready to die, you cannot know love - although by dying you become more alive. It is through death that love resurrects itself again and again. It is by disappearing that it appears again and again.

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