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Chapter 6: Out of Chaos Stars Are Born

I don’t even think about it. It depends on each individual. If they want to be together, good. If they want to disperse, then they can have a good celebration and say good-bye.

There’s some speculation that maybe you’re going to go some place else when you can, because some people draw a connection between what’s happened here recently and what happened in India before you came here.

No, I am not going anywhere, particularly unless my green card is given to me. If America wants me to go out and visit other countries and other communes and leave them for few days to rest, they should issue the green card. And if they don’t want that, then I am not going anywhere.

Concerning your decision to tell people they could choose whether or not to wear red: is there any particular reason why that came today? Had you been thinking about it for a while? Did it come to you in a sudden flash?

No. About me you have to understand one thing: I don’t think at all. Everything is spontaneous. I was not even aware that this will come this morning. It came. I was surprised as you, as others were surprised.

Because some people on the outside might see this as a response, some image.

What other people think, I never bother about them at all, because there are four billion people on the earth. And I am a poor ordinary man. Thinking about four billion people, what they are thinking about me, will be simply too much of a torture. So I simply don’t think at all; I go on doing whatsoever comes to me. I don’t think about the consequence. When the consequence comes, then I will face it. And I keep tomorrow always open.

And I am not a very consistent man. Tomorrow I may change. So those who have purchased clothes other than that may be at a loss. Yes! I am not saying.yes. So tomorrow morning, who knows?