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Chapter 20: The Esoteric Dimensions of Tantra

The third body of the man is again male and the fourth female; the woman’s third body is female and the fourth male. Tantra has taken care to see that man does not stagnate after the first perfection is achieved. There are many sorts of perfection within us. Perfection never obstructs, but there are many kinds of perfections which are imperfect compared to the further perfections that lie ahead. However, they are perfections in relation to the preceding imperfections. The previous imperfections may have disappeared, but we still have no idea of the greater perfections that lie ahead. This may create a hindrance.

Therefore, many surprising methods have been developed in Tantra which cannot be immediately understood. For instance, when there is intercourse between a complete man and a complete woman there will be no loss of energy; there cannot be, because each forms a complete circuit within his or her own self. There will be no discharge of energy from the partners; for the first time they will experience pleasure without loss of energy.

The pleasure experienced in the physical intercourse at the time of orgasm is invariably followed by the experience of pain. The gloom, the anguish, the fatigue, the remorse that follows the loss of energy is inevitable. The pleasure passes in a moment but the loss of energy takes twenty-four to forty-eight hours or more to be regained. Until the energy is regained the mind is filled with agony.

If intercourse without ejaculation is possible. Tantra has worked very courageously in this direction, with amazing results. We shall have to talk separately on this subject at some other time because tantric practice forms a complete network of processes and techniques in itself. And since this network has been broken the entire science gradually became esoteric. It became difficult to talk about tantric practices openly and directly, because our moral beliefs have made this very difficult. Moreover, our foolish “wise men” who know nothing but who are capable of saying anything have made it impossible to keep any of this precious wisdom alive. The practice of Tantra thus had to be given up or else concealed, and tantric experiments had to go underground. For this reason the current of tantric knowledge no longer flows clearly in our lives.

The intercourse between a complete man and a complete woman is a very different kind altogether. It is an intercourse in which there is no loss of energy. An entirely new happening takes place which can only be hinted at. When an incomplete man and an incomplete woman meet, both undergo a loss of energy. The quantity of energy after their intercourse is much less than it was prior to it.

Quite the opposite is the case in the union of a complete man and a complete woman. The quantity of energy after their intercourse will be more than was there before it. The energy of both increases. This energy lies within them, and it becomes awakened and active by the nearness of the other partner. In the first ordinary sexual act, ejaculation happens after a man and a woman come together. In the second meeting of a complete man and a complete woman, their own individual energy becomes awakened and active in the presence of the other; whatever lies hidden within each one’s own self manifests fully. From this happening there is a hint that a union of the complete man and complete woman can take place within. The first union is a union of two incomplete beings. Now the second phase of the work begins to bring together their third and fourth bodies.

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