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Chapter 6: Sannyas Is for Lions

But as to who is really received, who is really accepted, is a totally different matter. It is not declared; it remains esoteric. Only I know. And, slowly, slowly, the person who is accepted starts knowing it - but very slowly. Sometimes it takes years for the person to understand that he has been accepted. It is never said; not even to the person is it said that he has been accepted. It has to be understood; that is the beauty of it. Only then is it significant.

But it starts happening. If I accept a person, slowly, slowly his energy starts giving messages to him that he has been accepted. One day it becomes such an absolute certainty, so self-evident, that there is no need for any other declaration, validation, or any certificate.

I give sannyas to all. But only those are accepted who really take sannyas. That’s why I say sannyasins are the chosen few. It is out of my compassion that I don’t reject anybody. The most unworthy is also to be respected, loved, received, welcomed. And who knows? The unworthy may change. Man is unpredictable; the baser metal can any day become gold.

And about the P.S, “Bob Dylan says, ‘I never got into any of them guru trips. I never felt that lost!’”

To find a master is not for those who feel that they are lost. It is for those who start feeling that there is a way and that there is a ray, that they are not lost, that they can find somebody who will help them, who will make things more clear and transparent.

Enough for today.