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Chapter 14: Was God Thinking of a Circus

It is such a small, thin layer of skin that it can be broken in any accident: you fall from a tree and you lose your virginity. That’s why.. I was always wondering why nobody allows girls to climb trees. Finally I found out myself that the real reason is - nobody talks about it, perhaps nobody knows about it - that climbing a tree is very dangerous for virginity. And once lost, it is lost forever.

In Europe, in the nineteenth century, there were doctors who were selling virginity. They prepared thin pieces of skin and planted them in the right place. And it was a great profession, because almost every girl is going to lose it; it is not simple to protect it. Swimming in a pool you may lose it.

Now, this made the girl unnecessarily feel immoral, unworthy, afraid, that sooner or later she is going to be found out. And how can she prove that she lost it when she was swimming? She has not done anything and the virginity is gone. It created guilt and it created criminals - those doctors who provided the virginity for a certain fee were the criminals. They were exploiting absolutely innocent women.

You will not believe it, but not only does the virginity have to be there, after the first night of marriage the young husband has to show the bed sheet to his family and to his friends with blood on it. It is not necessarily true, even if the girl is a virgin and has not lost her virginity, that making love to her is going to bring blood. So she has even to supply the blood, too. Those doctors who were implanting virginity also gave the woman a small tube of blood, so she just could spill it over the bed. And this was a show, exhibition; the neighborhood would see - yes, that girl was a virgin.

What is your business in it? In what way are you concerned with it? But because certain idiots have made virginity a moral concept, many more things are bound to develop by the side.

Similarly, celibacy has created even more crime. It has created all kinds of perversions - homosexuality, sodomy. And the reason is not in the homosexuals, the reason is in your religions. They are preaching something which is unnatural. I challenge all the religions of the world, all their shankaracharyas and their imams and their popes and their rabbis, to come to a medical college and prove that they are celibate. Only a medical examination can give you a certificate saying whether you are celibate or not. You cannot be a celibate; it is such a stupid thing.

It is as if some religion arises and makes it a point that to urinate is against God. It looks to be against God! It is not a very nice thing to do. But if some religion arises and says it is against God, there will immediately be people who will say, “We will never urinate.” And we see these people drinking water.then where is the water going?

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