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Chapter 2: Aloneness Is the Last Achievement

The first question:

Does a disciple steal something from his master?


Because the truth cannot be taught, it has to be learned. The master can only tempt you, make you more and more thirsty for it; but he cannot deliver it to you - it is not a thing. He cannot simply transfer it in your name - it is not a heritage. You will have to steal it. You will have to work hard in the dark night of the soul. You will have to find ways how to steal it. The master only tempts you; he simply provokes you. He shows that something is there, a treasure, and now you have to work hard. In fact, he will create all sorts of obstacles so that you cannot reach the treasure very easily. Because if you reach the treasure very easily, you will not have grown; you will lose that treasure again. It will be a treasure in the hands of a child. The key will be lost, the treasure will be lost.

So not only do you have to steal, but the master has to work in such a way that you become able to steal only when you are ready. He has to create many obstacles. He goes on hiding the treasure. He will allow you only when you are ready. Just your greed or your desire is not enough, but your readiness, your preparedness; you have to earn it. And it is like stealing because the effort has to be made in the dark, and the effort has to be made very silently. And there are a thousand and one obstacles on the path, temptations to go away, temptations to get distracted. The help of the master is really to make you more skilful, to give you the knack of how to feel whether the treasure exists here or not.

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