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Chapter 3: The Gates of Heaven and Hell

Look, and always try to find the unity. In unity is religion, in disunity religion is lost. And avoid being against, because if you are against you will become rigid, hard, and the harder you become the more dead you will be.

I have heard that it once happened that a gang of robbers by mistake entered a monastery. They thought this house belonged to some rich man - the monastery had a look of richness - so they entered in the night. But the monks gave them such a hard fight that they were happy when they succeeded in escaping.

When they met again outside the town, one of the robbers philosophized, “Not bad, we have a hundred rupees among us.”

The leader said, “You fools! I have always told you to avoid monks. We had five hundred rupees when we entered the monastery!”

I also say to you: avoid monks. If you enter the monastery with five hundred flowers you will have only one hundred when you come out. They are enemies, enemies of ‘this’, and I say those who are enemies of ‘this’ are bound to be enemies of ‘that’ - whether they know it or not is not the point.

Love ‘this’ and love it so deeply that your love transcends ‘this’ and reaches ‘that.’ That’s what I mean: roots into this earth and wings into that heaven.

Enough for today.