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Chapter 6: Goodness Is a Luxury

This is the problem: ninety-nine sheep create all religions, and the real religion happens only to the one sheep who has gone astray.

Be courageous! Move beyond the clearing, go to the wild. Life is there, and only then will you grow. There may be suffering, because there is no growth without suffering. There may be a cross, crucifixion, because without it there is no maturity. Society may take revenge through crucifixion; accept it. That is bound to happen, because when the one sheep comes back the ninety-nine will say, “This is the sinner! This sheep went astray, this one is no part of us, this sheep doesn’t belong to us!”

And those ninety-nine sheep will be absolutely unable to conceive that the shepherd is carrying that sheep on his shoulders, because this is the lost sheep and it has been found.

Jesus says the shepherd will go back to his home, he will call his friends, and he will have a feast because a sheep was lost and a sheep has been found. Jesus says whenever a sinner enters into heaven there is rejoicing, because a sheep has been lost and a sheep has been found.

Enough for today.