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Chapter 2: There Is No Self, No Other

By two a.m., the hapless husband decided that he was soused enough to take anything his wife could mete out. He left a bar and started walking up Eighth Avenue, looking for the subway station.

As he neared Madison Square Garden, he looked up and there in bright neon lights glared the sign: “Big Fight Tonight.” He paused, refocused his eyes, and sighed: “Ah, home at last!”

I don’t know what you mean by your question. You say: “I feel homesick - what does it mean?” You must really know. If it is the homesickness for God, I can show you the way. And every-one remains homesick unless one finds God. We have lost our paradise. We have known how it is to be, what beauty it is to be - we have lost it. We had known it in the mother’s womb. The memory persists. The memory is not mental: it is in every cell of your body, every fiber of your body. It continuously persists. It goes on haunting you, it goes on giving you a sense that something is missing. Things are as they should not be. It goes on goading you towards something that is possible.

That goal is God - or call it truth, or nirvana, or what you like. If you are feeling homesick in this sense, I can help you. If you are feeling homesick in some other sense, go to Deeksha..

Enough for today.