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Chapter 4: The Desire for Sensation

The fifth sutra:

Kill out desire for sensation.

Learn from sensation and observe it, because only so can you commence the science of self-knowledge, and plant your foot on the first step of the ladder.

Kill out desire for sensation. We live for sensations, we hanker for sensations. We go on seeking newer and newer sensations; our whole life is an effort to get new sensations. But what happens? The more you seek sensations, the less sensitive you become. Sensitivity is lost.

It looks paradoxical. In sensations, sensitivity is lost because then you ask for more sensations and the “more” kills your sensitivity more. Then you ask for even more, and a moment comes when all your senses become just dull and dead.

Man has never been so dull and dead as he is today. Before, he was more alive, because there was no possibility to fulfill so many sensations. Now, science, progress, civilization, education have created so many opportunities to go on moving further and further into the world of sensation. Ultimately, you come out a dead person; your sensitivity is lost. Taste more foods - stronger tastes, stronger foods - and your taste will be lost. Look at many things - go on looking at more and more beautiful things, move around the world - and you will become blind. The sensitivity of your eyes will be lost.

Change your love object every day - your girlfriend or boyfriend, your wife or husband - change them every day, and your sensitivity to love will die. You are moving into dangerous terrain. You will never move in depth; you will only be moving on the surface, the periphery. And the more you experience things, the less your capacity to experience becomes. Then in the end, when everything has gone dead around you, you ask for the divine. You ask for bliss, you ask for truth. A dead man cannot experience the divine.

To experience the divine you need total sensitivity. You need aliveness.

Remember, only the similar can meet the similar. If you want the divine - and the divine means the most alive, the ever-alive, the ever-young, the ever-green. If you want to meet the divine, you will have to be more alive. So what to do? Kill out.all.desire for sensation. Don’t seek sensation, seek sensitivity. Become more sensitive.

The two are different. If you ask for sensations, you will ask for things, you will accumulate things. If you ask for sensitivity, then all the work has to be done on your senses, not on things. You are not to accumulate things. Now, you have to deepen your feelings, your heart, your eyes, your ears, your nose - every sense should be deepened in such a way that it becomes capable of feeling the subtle.

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