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Chapter 18: A Good Laugh Is the Greatest Prayer

Just a little joke so that you go from here not with serious faces. This temple believes in laughter and I want everybody who comes here to go laughing. Even on the way, when he remembers - a little giggle. In the night, in the middle of the night, then he remembers - a good laugh.

A good laugh is the greatest prayer.

A little boy on a picnic strays away from his family and suddenly realizes he is lost and night is falling. After running around and shouting for a while he becomes very frightened and kneels down to pray with uplifted hands.

“Dear Lord,” he says, “please help me to find my mummy and daddy and I promise I won’t hit my sister anymore.”

Just then a bird flies overhead and shits right into his outstretched hands. The boy examines it, looks up to heaven and says, “Lord, don’t give me this shit, I really am lost.”

Everybody is really lost. Very few people have reached their home. But your pilgrimage of finding your home should not be serious and sad and heavy; it should be of laughter and song and dance. If you can find your home dancing, laughing, it is true finding. By sadness and seriousness you are bound to find some graveyard, not your home.

We need people who are seekers but not serious. That kind of seeking, serious and sad, has not led man anywhere.