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Chapter 5: Existence Loves Imperfection

And as far as human beings are concerned, they are all unique, irreplaceable. Respect their uniqueness, and when you want to share your experience, open your whole heart.

Don’t be a miser, because the more you give, the more existence will shower on you.

The other day when I was taking photos of you, looking into the camera your eyes slowly became bigger and bigger, and you said, “Don’t control, I am the captain of the ship.” Everything inside and outside of me started trembling and shaking, including the camera. I felt that I really lost it. All I could say was “Help! Where is the witness?” I had to put the camera down, close my eyes and relax. When I looked again, I suddenly recognized the witness sitting in the chair, looking at me, and zooming into the deepest core of my being. Everything stopped, became sharp, clear and silent, like a razor’s edge. Could you please comment, my beloved and most beautiful master?

Prem Turiya, you have taken training in photography, but perhaps the art of photography has never encountered crazy people like me. I know, I saw it. Sometimes my eyes start becoming bigger when I am looking into you - and perhaps you became afraid when the eyes started becoming bigger. Because you were taking my photograph, I was looking into you. I was also taking your photograph. Of course, my ways are different - without a camera.

And you heard it rightly - seeing you trembling and your camera also trembling, I said silently within myself, “Don’t control.” You were trying hard to control: “I am the captain of the ship, and however drunk I may be, my ship is always going towards the ocean.” I have never felt for a single moment that there is a possibility of being lost.

The whole universe is ours.

Where can we get lost?

Wherever we reach will be our home. Once you have understood that the whole universe is our home, then the possibility of getting lost simply disappears. And if you try to control, there are problems with control..

In one of the universities where I used to teach, the vice-chancellor had a disease. He was an old man, and his hands used to tremble, so he always kept them in his pockets.

Even while speaking before the students in the convocations, he would never bring his hands out of his pockets. But he was not aware that, because of his hands, his whole pants were shaking, which was even more ridiculous. Hands shaking.one can understand that you have a certain sickness. What can you do? But the pants shaking? Pants are never known to be sick.

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