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Chapter 6: Consciousness: Living in the Vertical Dimension

History is just on the surface because time is on the surface. Consciousness is at the very depths. Then there is no time. But this will be more meaningful to you when you go deep into meditation. Then you will feel that your time sense is lost. By and by, you will feel that time is stopping. Finally a moment comes when there is no feeling of time. Time has stopped! Somewhere on the surface it is still going on, but inside, it has stopped. Then you yourself will be able to understand clearly what is meant by “a spiritual evolution that transcends time.”

When we live in time, in the world of events, if someone is not doing anything it seems as if he is not. Doing is everything. Doing is in the realm of history, but being is in the realm of the spirit. You are; you just are. You are not doing anything, not even mentally. Nothing either physical or mental is happening. There is no doing at all, no ripple of action at all; you are in an absolute non-doing state. But you are.

This “beingness” is the vertical dimension. Through this “beingness” you jump into the unknown, into the divine. And unless one jumps into this non-historical, non-temporal moment, one has not known what life is.