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Chapter 5: Discontent: Another Name for Inferiority

Last year when the fifteen million dollars simply disappeared, it was enquired what had happened. The Christian missionaries said they did not want to send the money to the Ethiopian government, so they found a French agency to distribute the money, food, clothes, to the starving Ethiopians. When the French agency was asked, they could not believe it; they had never heard about these missionaries.

Ethiopia will be there, more Ethiopians will be there tomorrow. Small efforts won’t help. I don’t believe in throwing a spoonful of sugar into the ocean to make it sweet. I am not retarded.

This Ethiopia, this India, the poor countries in the East, in Africa - this is your doing! First you create the problem, and then you start talking about serving humanity. Why create the problem in the first place? Dissolve all the nations if you have any love for humanity. And dissolve all the religions if you have any respect for civilization.

A civilized man cannot be a Christian, a Jew, a Mohammedan. He cannot be an American, he cannot be an Indian. A civilized man is simply man. And if wars disappear, the world will not need priests to persuade you that “Blessed are the poor,” because there will be nobody who is poor. Then the priests will not be able to distract your mind towards heaven, because we can make heaven on this very earth.

If God has thrown out Adam and Eve, do tit for tat: throw him out. We will make the Garden of Eden here! Let God beg to come in.

Why should you pray and beg that you should be accepted, when we can create paradise here? But these politicians, these priests, go on diverting your energies. They are diverting science towards war. Science has now come to a point where it can make this earth so beautiful, so comfortable, so lovable that there will be no Jonestown. Nobody will want to commit suicide.

It is a discovery of scientific research that man’s body has an inner capacity to go on renewing itself - of course only for seventy, eighty years, and in rich countries for a hundred years. But in some countries even up to two hundred years the body remains young. We just have to put our scientific intelligence in the service of life - up to now it has been in the service of death. Man can live forever on this earth; there is no need to search for an eternal home beyond death - that is just a consolation for you.

But if you can be as blissful as they have been depicting people in paradise, naturally you won’t take any interest in their bibles, in their korans and gitas. You will not go to confess your sins, because there is no sin.

People just need more understanding. People need more life, more wisdom, more clarity. You don’t need to be forgiven. You have not done any wrong.

You have been doing only one thing wrong: you have been following idiots. God, who does not exist, may forgive you. I cannot forgive you for that.