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Chapter 24: Spirituality Is Not for Sale

There is a tremendous difference. The Christian’s love is only an idea in the mind. My love is my heart; it has nothing to do with my thoughts, it has something to do with my being.

For example, Jesus defines God as love. According to me, this is very insulting towards love. God is non-existent and he is making love only an aspect of God - “God is love.” God can be many more other things.

If I were to define with the same words I would say, “Love is God.” Then God cannot be anything else than love, then it becomes synonymous with love - and if love is God then there is no need to prove the existence of God. It is proved by the experience of love.

God is no longer a person who creates the world; it is an energy of love which is creative. This whole universe is creative love. I simply cancel the idea of God.

Love is all.

The more you are loving the more you are divine.

When you reach to the highest peak of love, you have the experience of godliness - not of God. To me, godliness is just like a fragrance: you feel it but you cannot catch hold of it.

The difference can be seen in actuality. For two thousand years Christians have been teaching about love, and for two thousand years they have been killing people, burning people alive, destroying cities, burning cities. They called it a crusade, jihad, religious war. The very term religious war is contradictory: there cannot be any religious war; every war is irreligious.

To be religious means to be beyond stupid violence, murder, arson, killing. But these two thousand years show the reality of Christian love: in the name of love they have killed so many people, burned so many women alive, that it seems absolutely strange that they still have the nerve to talk about love.

My love will not take you to war, will not create crusades. My love will help you to dance, to sing. My love will help you to commune with more and more human beings, in deeper and deeper ways - ways of the heart.

If my love succeeds there will be no war in the world. If my love succeeds there is no need of anything else - because when your heart is full of love you cannot be angry, you cannot be frustrated, you cannot feel meaninglessness, you cannot feel anguish; you cannot think in terms of existence being just an accident. Love is such a fulfillment, such a deep contentment that everything else simply fades away. You become pure love.and the flowering of pure love is the flowering of your consciousness, of your being, of your existence, of your destiny.

Christian love is just a word. My love is a reality. If their love was also a reality, things would have been totally different.

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