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Chapter 3: On the Character of Tao

An analogy is always very pregnant. Logic is always narrow, analogy wide, infinite. The more you search in it, the more you can find through it. Logic is exhaustible, analogy never. That’s why books like Tao Te Ching or Bhagavadgita or Jesus’ ‘Sermon on the Mount’ you can go on reading and reading and reading - they are inexhaustible. You can go on finding more and more because they are analogies. The more you grow the more you can see in them; the more you can see in them the more you grow; the more you grow the more you can see again. So these books are not books: they have a life of their own, they are alive phenomena. And you cannot read them once and be finished with them; no, that is not the way. A logical book can be read once and be finished, understood, you can throw it in the rubbish. But a book of analogy is poetry: it changes with your moods, it changes with your insight, it changes with your growth. It gives you different visions in your different states of mind.

The analogy remains the same - for example, “Love is God.” A man who has never known anything except sex and who has thought that sex is love..

In the West it is happening too much. Now for the sexual act they say “lovemaking.” This lovemaking or making love is absolutely foolish - you cannot make love, love is not an act. Sex is an act. Love is not an act, it is a state of being - you can be in it but you cannot make it. You fall in it, it is not an effort. Sex can be made, not love. A prostitute can give you sex, not love - because how can you make love on order for money? Impossible! How can you make love for money? It comes on its own. It has its own mysterious ways. You cannot control it, you can only be controlled by it. You cannot possess it, you can only be possessed by it. Sex can be done, not love. You can make sex, but you cannot make love - you can only be in love.. So a man or a woman who has thought that sex is love and the sexual act is the act of love will think, when Jesus says, “Love is God” - and of course there is no other way for them to think because this is their analogy - that sex is God.

In Sweden they are making a film now on the love life of Jesus because they think that a man who says, “Love is God” must mean that sex is God. And this film is going to be one of the most profane of acts, the unholiest possible, because in the film they are trying to depict a Jesus making love in their sense - moving into sexual acts. Now no country is ready to allow them to make the film. But they will make it - it is difficult now to stop them. The love life of Jesus to them means just sex life.

You understand an analogy from your standpoint. The analogy can give you only as much as you can put into it. A man who has loved not only sexually, but totally.because sex is a local phenomenon, physical; there is nothing wrong in it, but it is not total. When it becomes total and you love a person in totality, not only sexually - the attraction is not only physical but spiritual also, not only bodily.not that the body is denied in it, but the attraction is greater, and bodily attraction is just a smaller circle in it - then you will understand “love is God” in a different way. The analogy will become deeper for you.

If you have known love which is beyond sex, in which sex simply disappears and the whole sexual energy is transformed into ecstasy - if you have known that love then “love is God” will have a different meaning for you.

So analogy depends on you. And a book of analogy like Lao Tzu’s has to be read again and again - it is a life work. You cannot simply read it in a paperback and throw it away. It is a treasure to be carried; it is a lifelong work; it is a lifelong discipline to enter the analogy.

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