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Chapter 10: You Are Blessed

The first thing: the moment you start thinking about others you are getting into an ego-trip. Who are you to think about others and their life? It is their life. If they feel like being lazy, who are you to interfere? Anand Prem has a do-gooder in her being; she is very worried about others - that is a dangerous thing. And of course she is condemnatory. This question has a condemnation: ‘The danger of your talks on Taoism is that there a lot of lazy, irresponsible people around who rationalize their bad habits by claiming to be inactive Taoists.’ Who are you to tell them that their habits are bad?

Laziness is a better habit than to be obsessed by activity. To be obsessed by activity is madness. A lazy person can be sane. Sometimes the laziest people have been found to be the sanest. I have the feeling that if Anand Prem comes across Lao Tzu, she will think he is lazy. He will look lazy to all purposes. If she comes across Diogenes, she will think he is lazy. If she comes around Buddha she will think he is lazy. Sitting under the Bodhi Tree. “what are you doing? At least you can run a primary school and teach children, or you can open a hospital and serve ill people. So many people are dying, starving.what are you doing here sitting under the Bodhi Tree?”

Anand Prem would have jumped upon Buddha and taken him to task. ‘What are you doing? Just sitting, meditating? Is this the time to meditate? Is this the time to be just sitting silently and enjoying your bliss? This is selfish!” This condemnatory attitude is really dangerous: it gives you an idea of holier than thou, “I am better than you. You.you lazy people!” She goes on writing questions every day that I have not been answering; every day - that “these people are hippies, these people are useless.”

She is in search of a lover, but she cannot find one here because she thinks that nobody here.. She wants a “straight person” and she cannot find a straight person here. These are all “hippies and yuppies” and she wants somebody who is well-established. She wrote a letter. “.well-established, has a bank account, is a gentleman, a squire, has prestige, respectability. Here these people are just hobos, wanderers, vagabonds.” She would have refused Buddha, she would have refused Lao Tzu: they were not straight. She writes to me: “.these long-haired people!” With such disgust she writes, and because of this disgust she has become a very disgusting person and she will not find. For one year she has been in the West in search. She is a Jew. First she searched in America, then she went to Israel to search for a man. She could not find in America, she could not find in Israel - she will never find anywhere. Even if she goes to heaven, God will look like a hobo. She has such condemnatory attitudes that she cannot love a simple human being. Yes, there are flaws, there are limitations, but everybody has those limitations. If you want to love, you have to love a man with all his limitations.

You cannot find a perfect person. Perfection does not exist. God never allows perfection because perfection is so monotonous. Just think: living with a perfect person.twenty-four hours, and you will commit suicide. Living with a perfect person? Then how will you live? He will be more like a marble statue, dead. The moment a person becomes perfect, he is dead. An alive person is never perfect, and my teaching is basically not for perfection but for totality.