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Chapter 13: The World Needs to Be One

One of the all-time bestsellers, second only to the Bible, is Dale Carnegie’s book How To Win Friends And Influence People. It suggests that every couple, at least three, four times in a day, should find some way to say, “I love you.” Always bring a roseflower or ice cream or something for the wife, to show your love.

That’s why I said, “the American way.” Dale Carnegie is just a phony man; he knows nothing about love. Perhaps that’s what he must have been practicing himself.

Love needs no words: eyes say it, gestures say it, actions say it.

Just sitting silently, and it is overflowing and reaches.

So don’t be worried about it: I know it.

What exactly is the difference between vision and illusion? Can only an enlightened person have a vision?


Jokes aside, please tell me, who am I?