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Chapter 7: Flowers of Feelings at His Feet

Meditate or love, because these are the two ways to be acquainted with death. If you love, it is a small death. If you love very deeply, it is a great death. If you are really in love, you are no longer the same as you were before. Something has disappeared - you are reborn. Love is a rebirth.

So, many times in life, through meditation and love, you should become acquainted with death so that when death really comes you know the guest so well that you are not afraid. You can welcome the guest, you can receive the guest with great love, with great rejoicing, celebration.

The Bauls say about the adhar manush, the essential man:

Poison and ambrosia
are one and the same to him.
He is dead while wholly living.

If you become acquainted with death through love and meditation, by and by you will see that life and death are two aspects of the same coin; poison and ambrosia are two aspects of the same coin; matter and mind are two aspects of the same coin; good and bad, all dualities are two aspects of the same coin. Then you are not worried, then you don’t choose, then you live a life of choiceless awareness, then all is the same. If you choose life you have chosen death. If you avoid death you will avoid life - so there is no point in choosing, and there is no point in avoiding. One simply waits and accepts whatsoever gift comes from God’s grace.

This is what Bauls call, “He is dead while wholly living.” He is absolutely alive and yet, in a sense, dead because all dualities have come into him and become a synthesis. He is wholly dead and wholly alive. You are neither alive nor dead; you are in a limbo.

The perfect man is both together. In him, all dualities are transcended. He is tremendously enriched because life goes on pouring into him, death also goes on pouring into him. Whatsoever life can give, he accepts; whatsoever death can give, he accepts. Whatsoever happiness gives, he accepts and whatsoever unhappiness gives, he accepts.

And remember, there are treasures hidden in unhappiness also, as there are treasures hidden in happiness. If you have known only treasures of happiness, then you have not known much. If you have known only treasures of joy you have not known much. There are treasures of sadness also. There are a few treasures which only sadness can give to you. There are treasures of laughter and treasures of tears.

The Bauls say that one should be so capable that one allows all dualities to merge and come into oneself. Only then is the essential man revealed. And the essential man is the God of the Bauls.