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Chapter 9: Born on a Pair of Trees

The society, civilization, culture, church - all force a small child to be more logical. They try to focus his energies in the head. Once the energies are focused in the head, it becomes very difficult to fall towards the heart. In fact, every child is born with great love energy. The child is born out of love energy. The child is full of love, trust. Have you looked into the eyes of a small child? How trusting! The child can trust anything: the child can play with a snake, the child can go with anybody. The child can move so close to a fire that it can become dangerous - because the child has not yet learned how to doubt. So we teach doubt, we teach skepticism, we teach logic. These seem to be measures for survival. We teach fear, we teach caution, we teach prudence - and all these together kill the possibility of love.

I have heard:

Doctor Abrams was called to Mulla Nasruddin’s shop where the Mulla was lying unconscious. Doctor Abrams worked on him for a long time and finally revived him.

“How did you happen to drink that stuff, Nasruddin?” he asked the Mulla. “Didn’t you see the label on the bottle? It said ‘poison.’”

Nasruddin said, “Yes Doctor, but I didn’t believe it.”

Doctor Abrams asked, “Why not?”

Nasruddin said, “Because whenever I believe someone, I am deceived.”

By and by people learn how not to believe, how not to trust, how to become chronic doubters. And this happens so slowly, in such small doses, that you are never alert to what is happening to you. By the time it has happened, it is too late. This is what people call experience. They call a person experienced if he has lost his contact with his heart; they say that he is a very experienced man, very clever, very cunning - nobody can deceive him.

Maybe nobody can deceive him, but he has deceived himself. He has lost all that was worthy, he has lost all. And what is he saving?

Then a very peculiar phenomenon happens: people cannot love people because people can be deceptive. They start loving things. Because there is a great need to love, they go on finding substitutes. Somebody loves his house, somebody loves his car, somebody loves his clothes, somebody loves money. Of course, the house cannot deceive you, the love is not risky. You can love the car - a car is more reliable than a real person. You can love money - money is dead, it is always under your control. Why do so many people love things rather than persons? And even if they sometimes love a person, they try to reduce the person to being a thing.

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