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Chapter 1: Tale of Love, Untellable

Love is the ability to experience. Love is sensitivity. Love is the experience in which all your impurities are washed away and you throw open all your doors, all your gates. Then whosoever stands at your door is no longer an enemy or a friend but a beloved, and you open your door to him. When you begin to feel the whole world is yours, when you begin to see the beloved in whosoever comes to your door, when you no longer see strangers or enemies, when you begin to see only friends everywhere - when this phenomenon takes place in you, know that you have found love. And for the man who has found love what else remains to be found? The man who has found love has found the key to the door of God.

Understand the significance of love carefully. Nothing is greater than love, not even God. God is achieved through love, but love is not achieved through God. The presence of God does not guarantee love, but the presence of love will surely bring him to you. As Jesus has said, “Love is God.”

The basic question, the fundamental problem, is seeking love. So let us clarify at the outset how love has been lost, because the way to regain it will only be clear when we know and understand how it has been lost in the first place.

The road you take to find love is the same road on which you lost it. But you have to reverse your direction. You will have to turn around and walk the opposite way. The same ladder leads to heaven or to hell. One end is in hell and the other is in heaven.

You begin to lose love as you become more and more attached to material things. This is hell; this is the end of the ladder that is grounded in material things. But as love grows, God becomes manifest. And this is the other end of the ladder. This is where the other end is fixed. Love is a ladder, a path. If you abandon love you begin a downward journey; as you embrace it you begin an upward path.

If you ask me, I will tell you to forget God, to forget truth. I will tell you to seek only love. All the rest will follow. Just as your shadow follows you, God follows love. But no matter how hard you seek, you will achieve nothing without love. This is because the seeker is dull and insensitive. He has neither the capacity nor the fitness for the search. He is asleep, unconscious. He is full of hatred, anger and hostility; he is submerged in the poison of malice. And only the nectar of love brings forth joy.

Every child is beautiful, lovely. And this is because he is born with love. But then, by and by, a disorder somehow occurs within him. Every child is so lovely; every child is so beautiful. Have you ever seen an ugly child?

The beauty of a child has nothing to do with his physical body, it comes from some inner strength. Within him, his lamp of love burns brightly and its rays emanate from every pore of his body, spreading their luster all around. Wherever he looks, he looks with love. But as he grows he begins to lose this love. And we help in that process.

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