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Chapter 33: To Be Enlightened Simply Means I Know Myself

Nobody, by doing anything, can change my attitude. If I love you, even if you assassinate me, I will still continue to love you. Your assassination makes no difference. You can assassinate me but you cannot assassinate my love.

What do you say to those, then, that contend that Sheela and her gang really had your encouragement and that.


.at a certain period you cut them off from their convenience.?

Not my encouragement. Don’t try to make your own implications. When I am present here, you ask me.

I was silent for three and a half years and in isolation, and I was not interested at all in any information. I was not reading any newspaper, seeing any television, getting any information. Everybody who was able to approach me - and they were only four persons: Sheela as my secretary, my physician, my dentist and my caretaker - they were told not to bring any unnecessary information to me, that I don’t want anything, I want to be left alone.

So my silence was not an encouragement; my silence became an opportunity for them, but it is not an encouragement from my side.

What damage have they done?

They have done much damage. They have tried to kill innocent sannyasins. They have killed a man, a street person that they had brought here. They have burned the county planning office. They have entered government offices in the night and stolen papers, files. They have even tried to poison me. They have made a bank account in Switzerland. and just yesterday I have been informed by Sheela’s old secretary that at least forty-three million dollars are in the account. And she was Sheela’s secretary five years ago, so in these five years, what else might they have accumulated there?

What damage have they done to the cause itself? After all, you have negative publicity in places like Australia for the Rajneeshees, primarily because of what Sheela was saying in Australia. What damage have they done through their business here to the Rajneeshee cause?

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