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Chapter 7: The Ego Is the Judas

Listen to the sutras.

And while he yet spake, lo, Judas, one of the twelve, came, and with him a great multitude with swords and staves, from the chief priests and elders of the people.

Judas was Jesus’ own disciple. He betrayed him. Only love can betray, because to betray somebody, you have to come close to him. To hate somebody, first you have to love him. Remember this complexity of love: whenever you love somebody, a part of you goes on hating because love requires surrender, and the ego resists. Love requires that you should be lost, that you should become one with your lover, your master, your beloved, your friend, your God. Love requires that you should disappear, and the ego resists, the ego starts struggling against it. Judas is nothing but a representation of the ego. And remember that Judas exists in each of you; in everybody, the ego is the Judas.

Let me repeat it again. Those twelve disciples of Jesus were very simple people, except for Judas. They were uneducated people, common people, people of the earth. You would not have recognized them anywhere in a crowd. They would have been lost. Only Judas was not ordinary. He was polished, educated, cultured, sophisticated: that’s what the ego is. Ego is nothing but a sophistication. Ego is nothing but the part which has become extraordinary in you. When you love, you become ordinary.

Remember, people who are very egoistic are always against love. In India you will find them in the monasteries, in the Himalayas. People who are very egoistic are against love. They may say that they are leaving the world, the world of love, to seek and search for God. They are deceiving nobody except themselves; because unless you love tremendously, you cannot seek God. In the Himalayan peaks, they are seeking nothing but their own egos. God is to be sought in love because God is to be sought in your own crucifixion; when the ego disappears, he is.

Have you watched in your own mind that whenever you are moving in a love relationship, there arises a certain uneasiness? You are allured, fascinated. You would like to delve deeply into it, but a part of you starts becoming uneasy. Look at that part; that is Judas. That part says, “What are you going to do? - surrender? What are you going to do? - become ordinary?”

Nothing is more ordinary than love. Love is very earthly. Nothing is more natural than love. Nobody needs to learn it; everybody is born knowing it. Love is all over. The whole existence throbs in love. Love is the very beat of life. Love is very natural, very ordinary.

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