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Chapter 7: Intelligence: Discovery of Your Innermost Nature

His name is Karpatri. Karpatri simply means a man who eats from his hands, who uses his hands as a begging bowl. That is the meaning of the word karpatri, hands being used as a begging bowl. That’s his only great achievement, that he uses his hands as a begging bowl. Not that he is not eating well. You have to put sweets into his hands, then he will eat, then you have to put all kinds of things. It is such an unnecessary thing - he could take them from the plate himself! A person is needed to take them from the plate and put them in his hands, then he eats them. This is his great spirituality! He is worshipped for it, that he does not use any plates, any spoons; nothing is being used, just his hands. But this has been worshipped for thousands of years.

Mahavira was very respected for the same reason, because he used his hands to eat; he was a karpatri. In Jaina scriptures it is said that Buddha has not yet achieved to the height of Mahavira. Buddha and Mahavira were contemporaries. Why has he not achieved to that height? A few reasons are given. One of the reasons is that he uses a begging bowl while Mahavira uses his hands. His renunciation is total; Buddha possesses a begging bowl. That is his possession, and unless you renounce everything.

Mahavira lived naked and Buddha uses at least three pieces of clothing. Three pieces of clothing, one begging bowl, one walking staff, so he possesses five things. Mahavira possesses nothing - his achievement is perfect, Buddha is a little lower. Mahavira is Bhagwan, but Buddha is only a mahatma, a saint, Mahavira is an incarnation of God himself. These stupid ideas have kept humanity poor.

Compassion is a fragrance; it has nothing to do with serving the poor or feeding the beggars, because when you are feeding beggars you are feeding beggary, when you are feeding the poor you are feeding poverty, and the poverty will remain. Poverty has to be destroyed. A real man of compassion is not a man of service, he is a man who destroys the very causes or tries to destroy the very roots of all that is ugly in society.

That’s exactly what I am doing here and that’s why so many people are against me. Hindus are against me, Mohammedans are against me, Christians are against me.

Just a few days ago a sannyasin, Meeten, was murdered. But he died beautifully, he died as a sannyasin. When he was murdered his last words were, “I can understand you, why you are killing me. I know that nobody has loved you in your life.” He said these words to the murderer! “I know that nobody has loved you in your life and you are angry with society. You are not killing me, you are taking revenge on society. But remember, these are my last words,” he said, “that I am dying with immense love for you. I love you.”

These were his last words when he closed his eyes and died: “I love you.” This is compassion. This is love.

And the next day the huts of six sannyasins were burnt down. The sannyasins had come to the commune and then somebody set fire to their huts. Now, nobody was caught red-handed and the police suspect that because there is a great antagonism among the Catholic Christians in Pune against me, because I have spoken against the Pope and against Mother Teresa, the suspicion is that some Catholic hand is behind it. They cannot do any harm to me, but they can do harm to my sannyasins; that is an indirect way of harming me. And these people talk about public service, serving the poor - all these murderers.

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