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Chapter 3: Be a Watcher on the Hills

Let consciousness be your master and the mind your servant. It happens through awareness. And I am not telling you to control it, because all control is repression. I am not telling you to fight, because all fight is a sheer waste of energy. You are fighting with your own servant - you are wasting your energy. You need not fight with your servant, you have simply to say, “I am the master”; that’s all. You have simply to be the master, that’s all, and the servant bows down. The servant immediately understands that the master has come in. And how does the master come in? The moment you become awake, the master comes in.

You ask me, Lisa: “You say: go beyond the mind. Do not listen to its chatter. Discipline it and make it a servant. Do not be its slave. But how to know when the mind is being disciplined and when it is being repressed?”

It is very simple. Nobody can ever misunderstand the difference between the two, nobody can ever confuse the two. They are so different - just like light and darkness, just like love and hate, just like flowers and thorns, just like poison and nectar. They are so totally different! But if you think about them you may get confused. In thinking you cannot make the distinction. Don’t think about them - experiment, experience, and the distinction will be absolutely clear.

You also say: “Osho.when I took sannyas the other night you said not to get hooked on you. I have to tell you that you are closing the stable door after this particular horse has already bolted.”

Lisa, I am not only a horse doctor but a horse lover too. And when I see a good horse I immediately fall in love. I believe in love at first sight, because it saves time. The moment I saw you, Lisa, the moment I saw tears of joy, love, trust and surrender in your eyes, I accepted you deep down as part of the orange Mafia!

And I say, “Don’t get hooked on me,” only when I know that you are absolutely hooked and there is no way to escape. I don’t say it to everybody. I say it only to those who are already in. They may not be aware of it; they may become aware of it later on.

I have seen it. You are hooked, you are stoned on me. Now there is no going back. Now this is going to be your whole world. I am your home. I say it only when I am absolutely certain, categorically certain, that there is no possibility of your going away, when I see that you are melting and merging. Then only do I say this, just to be generous - “Don’t get hooked on me.” I can afford to say it when I know that Lisa is finished!

The second question:

What is the essence of Buddha Dharma - the religion of the Buddha?

Yoka says,

If you reach the Zen of Buddha, at that very moment you accomplish everything.

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