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Chapter 3: Go On Unconcerned

If a whole album of photographs is taken from the time you became impregnated in your mother’s womb through the whole nine months of growth, and the series of photographs of that growth is shown to you, do you think you will recognize that it is you? Even your childhood pictures, if they are presented to you in your old age.you may think, “Perhaps I used to look like this, but I cannot be absolutely certain..”

Everything is fleeting. Because of this flux, buddhas have called the world a great dream.

There is, followers of the way, only the one who is now present here and is listening to my expounding of the dharma.
All troubles exist because you are mindful of them.

The mind has a very great strategy to project responsibility onto somebody else. If you are sad, somebody else is responsible for it; he misbehaved with you. If you are angry, somebody else is responsible for it; he enraged you. Mind continually throws the responsibility on some other object.

But the truth is, if you are silent and don’t allow the mind to function, there is no trouble - no sadness, no anger, no love, no hate - just a pure sky without any clouds.

All troubles exist because you are mindful of them. You give too much juice to your troubles.

You are in such great love with your misery that even if a clear-cut path to get out of your troubles is shown to you, you will have second thoughts.

I have sometimes told a story to you..

A sannyasin who had renounced the world.not my sannyasin, who rejoices in the world; that is a great difference that I’m creating in the whole tradition of sannyas. The old sannyasin was renouncing the world and at the same time saying that the world is just a dream. If it is just a dream, why not enjoy? What is the hurry to escape from a dream? The dream cannot harm you.

You are quoting scriptures that say it is a dream, but you know perfectly well it is a reality. You know the woman you are renouncing and escaping from by going into the mountains.Both are a reality. Otherwise, mountains are also dreams - perhaps a little longer lasting, but that does not make any difference in the definition of dreams. A dream is that which changes.

Where are you going? The old sannyasin was escaping from the world.

I am introducing to humanity a new sannyas, a new way of rejoicing in the world. Why not rejoice? It is only a dream; it cannot even scratch you. It cannot spoil you - it does not exist in the first place, so what is the hurry? And wherever you go, you will find troubles. They may be new troubles, but what does it matter? Old troubles are always better. They are well acquainted with you, you know them very well.

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