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Chapter 2: I Teach Only Awareness

The body has remained the master for so long, and in meditation you are throwing the body out of its mastery. You are dethroning it. It clings; it tries in every way to remain the master. It will create many things to distract you so the meditation is lost; you are thrown off balance and the body is again on the throne. Up to now, the body has remained the master and you have been a slave. Through meditation, you are changing the whole thing; it is a great revolution. And, of course, no ruler wants to be thrown out of his power.

The body plays politics - that’s what is happening. When she creates imaginary pain, itching, ants creeping, the body is trying to distract you. And it is natural, because the body has remained in rule for so long, for many lives it has been the emperor and you have been the slave. Now you are changing everything upside down. You are reclaiming your throne, and it is natural the body will try whatsoever it can do to disturb you. If you get disturbed, you are lost. Ordinarily, people suppress these things. They will start chanting a mantra; they will not look at the body.

I am not teaching you any sort of suppression. I teach only awareness. Just watch, pay attention, and because it is false, immediately it will disappear. When all the pains and itches and ants have disappeared and the body has settled in its right place of being a slave, suddenly so much bliss arises you cannot contain it. Suddenly so much celebration arises in the being you cannot express; you are overflowing with a peace that passeth understanding, a bliss which is not of this world.

The fourth question:

In speaking about love yesterday, you said it is a basic need that we should try and fulfill. You also said that it brings repeated misery. How then can one live meaningfully if our attempts to fulfill love always end in misery?

All your attempts always end in misery. Not only attempts made towards love - all your attempts, unconditionally, end in misery, because all attempts come out of the ego. No effort is going to succeed because the doer is the cause of all misery. If you can be in love without the lover being there, then there will be no misery.

It seems very, very difficult: how to be in love without the lover being there? The lover causes misery, not love. The lover starts things which end in a hell. All lovers fail, and I make no exception - but love never fails. So you have to understand: you should not be there in your love. Love should be there, but without any ego in it. You should walk, but the walker should not be there. You should eat, but the eater should not be there. You should do whatsoever is required, but the doer should not be there.

This is the whole discipline. This is the only discipline of religion. A religious man is not one who belongs to any religion. In fact, a religious man never belongs to any religion. A religious man is one who has dropped the doer and lives naturally, and is just there.

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