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Chapter 9: Belong to the Transcendental

The poet, the painter the dancer, the musician, they are closer to home. They live in the subjective - they know they are persons. And when you know you are a person, suddenly you become capable of looking into other persons. For a poet even a tree is a person, even animals are people; for a scientist even a man or a woman is nothing but an object. A scientist looks at a man as if he is also just an object. And if he is not aware of his own inwardness, how can he be aware of the inwardness of the other?

When I use the word person, I mean that there is an inside to it which is not available to outside observation, analysis, dissection. There is a rock, it has no inside; you can break it and you can see everything. If you break a rock nothing is disturbed, nothing is destroyed. Even if it is in pieces, it is the same rock. But if you break a person, something of tremendous value immediately disappears. Now you are left with a dead body, and the dead body is not the person. The broken rock is still the same rock, but the broken person is no longer the same person. In fact the broken person is not a person at all. On the dissection table of a surgeon you are not a person, only when a poet touches you and holds your hand do you become a person.

That’s why people hanker for love. The reason for the hankering for love is nothing but this: you would like somebody to see that you are a person, not a thing.

You go to the dentist, he is not worried about you - he is simply interested in your teeth. Even if I go to the dentist - I see him.what a miracle! He is not interested in me, he just looks. I am there, sitting in his chair, he is completely oblivious of me. A great space is available just in his room, but he will not even look at me - that’s not his concern. He is only interested in the teeth, in his own technique. His knowledge of the objective world is his only world.

People hanker for love because only love can make you a person, only love can reveal your inwardness to you, only love can make you feel that you are not just that which is apparent from the outside. You are something more; you are something totally different to what you appear to be. The reflection in the mirror is not your totality; the reflection in the mirror is just the reflection of your surface, not of your depth. It says nothing about your depth.

When you come to a scientist, or a person who is absolutely absorbed with the objective dimension, he looks at you as if you are just the reflection in the mirror. He does not look at you, he looks around you. His approach is not direct, his approach is not intimate - and you feel something is missing. He is mistreating you because he is not accepting your personality. He is treating you as if you are a thing. He is doing things but he is not touching you at all; you remain almost nonexistential to him.

And unless somebody touches you with love, looks at you with love, your own inwardness remains unfulfilled, unrecognized - that is the need to be needed.

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