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Chapter 19: The Promise of Paradise

I am not against any love, but if love creates hell, then I will not suggest that you go on living in misery. Then it is good for both of you - if you cannot create a beautiful space between you, then perhaps you are not born for each other. Give it a try, and beware of the fact that if you remain grumpy, your face continuously sad, then I am going to take Om away from you.

You are simply a nut. He is a very qualified person, a coconut - he will understand me. And I hope that he is not a German.

But there is no need to lose hope. Give it a try, but this time make it a point: that either your life becomes peaceful and joyous, or with peace and joy, you depart.

We are all strangers in the world; we meet suddenly, accidentally on the road. It is good if we can help each other to be more authentic, more sincere, more loving; to be more meditative, to be more alert, to be more aware. Then our love relationship is a religious phenomenon. But if we are simply destroying each other, this is not even friendship; this is sheer enmity.

So you have to decide. You both sit together, outside in the open - not in your room, because there the fight starts. Sit outside where everybody is passing by, so you cannot fight. Have a nice conversation. Lovers forget completely how to have a nice conversation; they all start speaking Marathi. Have you heard Marathi? I cannot conceive that you can love anybody, talking in Marathi; it always looks like you are fighting.

Just at the opposite pole is another language in India, Bengali - you cannot fight in it. Even if you are fighting, it looks as if you are making a beautiful conversation.

Have a good, decisive conversation, and follow a very simple rule: that we are together to help each other, not to destroy each other; to create each other, not to kill each other. Then everything is perfectly okay. Nothing is wrong in you, separately, and nothing is wrong in Om, separately, but together you suddenly both become warriors. I have been hearing of your battles and their stories; I hope that they are not right, but how long can I hope? If I hear every day about what is happening between Om and Latifa, I become concerned.

Each moment here is precious, because my boat has arrived long ago. I am staying on this bank just for you; I should have left this shore years ago, but I have persuaded the captain of the boat to be just a little patient. I am coming. But let me wake up a few sleepy people, so that when I am gone the process of awakening continues.

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