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Chapter 10: You Are Blessed

Even if an egoist goes to commit suicide, he waits for the Super Chief, the best train. He says, “Don’t be vulgar. A man like me waits for the Super Chief.” Even if he is committing suicide, he will not commit under a goods train.

Marriage is like suicide - you can commit anywhere. You should not wait for the Super Chief. Anand Prem is in search and it is impossible for her, the way she looks at things with such condemnation, to find anybody whom she can love.

“Please clarify the difference between a Taoist and a lazy escapist.”

There is not much, and if there is, it is so inner that only the person will know - you will never be able to judge from the outside. Look at me. I am also a lazy person. Have you seen me doing anything, ever? It is very difficult from the outside to know. And I love lazy persons.Taoists or not; I love lazy persons because out of lazy persons never any Adolf Hitler is born, never any Genghis Khan, never any Tamerlane. Lazy people have silently lived their lives and disappeared, without leaving any trace on history, without contaminating humanity. They have not polluted consciousness. They were here as if they were not. To be lazy and aware.and you have become a Taoist. It does not mean that you become inactive. It simply means that the obsessive activity disappears. It simply means that you have become capable of not-doing too.

It is said about a Zen master that a person asked one of his disciples “What miracles can your master do?”

And the disciple said, “Are you a follower of somebody?”

And the man said “Yes, I am a follower of a certain master and he is a great-miracle-man; he can do great miracles. Once it happened that I was standing on this shore of the bank and he was standing on the other shore, and he shouted to me ‘I want to write something in your book.’ And it was almost a half-mile-wide river. So I took my book out, raised it, and from the other shore he started writing with his fountain pen and the writing came on my book. This miracle I have seen and the book is with me - you can see.”

And the disciple of the other master laughed and he said, “My master can do greater miracles.”

So the man said, “What miracles?”

And the disciple said, “My master can do miracles, and he is so capable.so capable that he is capable of not doing them too.”

“Not doing them too.” See the beauty of it. He is “so capable.so capable.of not doing them too.”