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Chapter 13: The Price of Rice

Now, this fellow is editing a newspaper called “The World,” but his mind is very small, very tiny - just German, prejudiced. Deep down Adolf Hitler is still there in his thumping on the table.

By the way, I also want to remind you that Jesus was never a Christian. He lived as a Jew, he was born a Jew. He died on the cross as a Jew. He had never even heard the word Christianity. The word Christianity came into existence three hundred years later. It came because the Hebrew gospels were translated into Greek, and the Hebrew word messiah became christ in Greek. Because of this translation, the whole religion has become Christian.

Otherwise, Christianity is nothing but a projection of the Jewish mind; they are followers of a Jew. And it is a strange fate of history that they have been killing Jews.

Sigmund Freud, himself a Jew, perhaps got the idea from the phenomenon that, somewhere in the past, man created a situation in which the father was killed - and the guilt of killing the father has created God. It looks very farfetched, but there seems to be a reason for killing fathers. If they are too dominant, and go on living like the Polack pope. Now, somebody is bound to shoot him! How long can you tolerate.? He has forgotten to die. All the cardinals are waiting for when this idiot dies, like vultures on the trees. But there seems to be no sign; every week he is checked and he is perfectly healthy.

Perhaps in such a situation the son has no chance to assert himself. But although significant, it is a psychological myth. But as far as Christians are concerned, they are killing Jews - who are their forefathers, who were father to Jesus, their messiah.

And it is very strange that the people who call themselves Christians are the cause of most of the bloodshed on the earth. The whole approach of Jesus is of love. He even says: “God is just love” - a strange love, a strange idea of love. And then there are the Crusades and burning living human beings - all out of love, “Just for your sake.” And whenever violence is done “For your sake,” it is the ugliest. It does not even leave you a chance to protest. You are being killed so that you can enter into paradise! It is strange that people are sending others to paradise. Why don’t they commit suicide themselves? Who is preventing them from going to paradise?

They have to stop this public service of sending others to paradise. First they should go. If every Christian goes to paradise by committing suicide, I think perhaps many will follow. That will be the right way: particularly this chief editor of “The World” has to commit suicide on his table.

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