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Chapter 1: Session 1

The Mohammedans had forced all the followers of Zarathustra to become Mohammedans. Only a few, very few, escaped - to India, where else? India was the place where everybody could enter without a passport or visa, without any trouble. Only very few followers of Zarathustra escaped the Mohammedan murderers. There are not many in India, only one hundred thousand. Now, who bothers about a religion of only one hundred thousand - who not only almost all live just in India, but in and around only one city, Bombay. Even they themselves have forgotten Zarathustra. They have compromised with the Hindus with whom they have to live. They escaped the well and fell into the ditch - a deeper ditch! On one side the well, the other side the ditch. And through the middle goes The Way - Buddha calls it the middle way - exactly in the middle, just like a tightrope walker.

Nietzsche’s great service was in bringing Zarathustra back to the modern world. His great disservice was Adolf Hitler. He did both. Of course he was not responsible for Adolf Hitler. It was Hitler’s own misunderstanding of Nietzsche’s idea of “superman’.” What could Nietzsche do about it? If you misunderstand me, what can I do about it? Misunderstanding is always your freedom. Adolf Hitler was a juvenile mediocrity, a retarded child, really ugly. Just remember his face - that small mustache, those fearful eyes staring as though trying to make you fearful, and the tense forehead. He was so tense that he could not even be friendly to anybody throughout his whole life. To be a friend one needs to be a little relaxed.

Hitler could not love, although he tried in his dictatorial way. He tried, as many husbands do unfortunately, to dictate, to order, to maneuver and manipulate women - but he was unable to love. Love needs intelligence. He would not even allow his own girlfriend to be alone with him in his room at night. Such fear! He was afraid that while he was asleep.one never knows, the girlfriend may be a girl-foe; she may be an agent working for the enemy. He slept alone all his life.

How could a man like Adolf Hitler love? He had no sympathy, no feeling, he had no heart, no feminine side to him. He had killed the woman within himself so how could he love the woman outside? To love the outer woman you have to nourish the woman within, because only that which is within is expressed in your actions.

I have heard that Hitler shot one of his girlfriends for just a small reason: he killed her because he had said she should not go to visit her mother, but when he was out she went, although she was back before Hitler returned. He came to know through the guards that she had gone out. That was enough to finish the love - not only the love, but the woman too! He shot her saying, “If you disobey me, then you are my enemy.”

That was his logic: who obeys you is your friend; who disobeys you is your enemy. Who is for you is for you, and who is not for you is against you. It is not necessarily so - somebody may be just neutral, neither being for you nor against you. He may not be your friend, but that does not necessarily mean that he is an enemy.

I love the book Thus Spake Zarathustra. I love very few books; I can count them on my fingers..

Thus Spake Zarathustra will be the first on my list.

The Brothers Karamazov is the second.

Third is The Book of Mirdad.

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