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Chapter 5: The Individual Search

Remember it, this is the basic difference between religion and science: in science, once a thing is discovered others don’t need to discover it again; but in religion, if a thing is discovered, don’t be mistaken that it has been discovered forever and you don’t need to search for it anymore. Religion is an individual search; every individual has to search for it again and again. And this is the beauty; this is why religion is always fresh, it is never stale. Science becomes stale. Today, Newton is totally stale, but this Sarvasar Upanishad is still fresh - because the search is to be made again and again.

Religion is like love. You don’t say, “Look, Majnu has loved, Farhad has already loved, so why should I take the trouble? Everything has been written about love - we will read about it, learn about it, write poetry about it, why take the trouble of being in love?”

No, someone may have loved a lot, Farhad may have loved a lot, but this cannot satisfy you, you will have to fall in love yourself. You will not be contented until you yourself are in love. Love is an individual experience. Millions and millions of people may have loved, it makes no difference. It is never stale. You have to love again, and when you do love you know it; prior to that you do not know.

There is no way to know about love from Farhad, or from Buddha either. Religion is like love.this search is like a love-affair: it is to be discovered again and again.

The fourth, out of which the three states are born - sleep comes, dreams arise and waking happens, then all three again dissolve back into this fourth - this fourth is neither born out of anything nor dissolves into anything. It is the eternal principle of life, it is the basis of life; this is the very beginning and this is the very end, and he who has not known it wanders in the middle, in the cycle of life and death.

Enough for today.

Now prepare for the experiment. A few words about the experiment. Yesterday the dust created so much trouble for you, so today those who want to do it vigorously should remain on the raised area, and others can spread out all over the ground.

Revolutionary results can come during this experiment, but for that you have to put your total energy into it. That is why I have scheduled it for the night. The morning and afternoon experiments will encourage you and make you able to put your total energy at stake in this night experiment.

After this you will go to sleep, so don’t worry about tiredness. At the most you will become tired! There is no harm in it. You will go into deep sleep, nothing else will happen.

So it is essential to put your total energy into it.