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Chapter 12: Allow Existence to Reach You

But death is a door only if you have learned the lesson through love. Love is the school that prepares you for death. Love and life are synonymous: if you love you live. If you love and live you become capable of dying.

Millions of people die, but without being capable of dying. They die in unconsciousness. Then death simply takes them back into another body; then death simply helps them to enter into another womb. And the whole wheel starts moving again, the same repetitive wheel.

Those who die consciously.and love makes you utterly conscious. Love makes you alert, because love is light. It dispels all darkness, all unconsciousness. It becomes a lamp inside you. And if you have that lamp, death has a totally different quality: it is not death at all; it is life abundant, it is life infinite, it is life divine, it is life eternal.

Yes, you are right: “Loving the master - love - only gives us glimpses of what death can make us see. Is this not so?” It is so, but it is only love that will prepare you. The greater the love, the greater is the preparation. Hence one has to remain grateful forever towards all that love has contributed - and not only the love for the master. Even loving a tree or a rock or an animal or your woman, your man, your child, even these loves prepare you for the great love that happens between the disciple and the master. All your loves are involved in it, implied in it.

Love towards the master is the whole spectrum of love. The way you have loved your woman will be there, the way you have loved your man will be there, the way you have loved your mother will be there, and the way you have loved your child will be there. The way you have loved music, the way you have loved poetry, painting, dancing, all your loves, the whole multiplicity of loves, all the dimensions of love, will join together. Between the master and the disciple, love comes to its whole spectrum. It becomes the whole rainbow, all the seven colors. And that love will prepare you for the ultimate quantum leap, death.

In the ancient scriptures, the master is defined as death. You will be surprised: ancient scriptures say: acharyo mrityuh, the master is death. If you have known the master, you are coming closer and closer to death. Coming very close to the master is coming closer to the ultimate death. One day the disciple and the master both disappear.

The master has already disappeared. The master is the person who has attained to nothingness. The master is one who is already dead, who is no more, who is just an absolute emptiness. If you come close to the master.and that’s what disciplehood means: coming closer and closer to somebody who is no more. And of course, to come closer to somebody who is no more is going to destroy your ego utterly. One day, through the master, you taste your first experience of death.

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