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Chapter 1: The Roots and the Flowers Are One

The secrets of death are revealed to him while he is fully alive. .And the lover knows what death is. The lover knows that death is not. Only the lover knows that death is the most false thing in existence. Why? How does the lover come to know that death is not? - because the lover has already died in his love. And he finds himself, he is still there - not only there but more so, so much so that he has never been before. Dying, he is for the first time living totally. He dies in the love of God, in the love of the Beloved. He surrenders himself utterly, unconditionally.

Just a few days ago Girisha wrote me a letter. She thinks she has too much work in the ashram. Maybe that’s true, maybe it is not true. But in the letter she wrote something which is very meaningful. She wrote in the letter, “I have too much work and it is not surrender, it is sacrifice.” Now surrender knows nothing about sacrifice.

If you have known surrender, you are sacrificed already. You are no more there to be sacrificed. Surrender means you have died already. If you have surrendered to me, then there is no problem. Then, more work or less work - it has nothing to do with you. It is irrelevant. Then I have to look after it, I have to decide what work is more and what work is less. And I have to decide how much you have to be put into work and how long, and how much you have to be forced and pushed in a certain direction. But for you, it is not any longer a problem - you are surrendered. But if you think that it is becoming a sacrifice and not a surrender, then you are not surrendered at all. Then anything will look like sacrifice. A lover knows nothing of sacrifice. When you are surrendered, you are dead as far as your ego is concerned. Then whatsoever happens, you not only accept it, you accept in deep gratitude.

The lover knows the secrets of death, because he has moved into death already through his love. There are only two deaths: one that happens at the end of your life, and the other that can happen between death and birth - the death of love, lovedeath. One who dies in love never dies again. Then all deaths are finished for him. He’s already resurrected. He has come to know that only the ego dies. If you drop the ego then you are deathless.

The secrets of death are revealed to him while he is fully alive. What does he care for other shores of life? In that tremendous moment of surrender - this shore turns to be the other shore, this world becomes the other world. What does he care for other shores.?

I have been reading a very significant story:

Four hundred years ago a gardener planted a small pine in one inch of soil in a shallow dish. He trimmed each root and branch as the tree grew. When he died, his son took up the task, and so on down through nineteen generations. Today that tree stands in the Kovala Gardens of Tokyo, never having outgrown the original dish. After four hundred years it is only twenty inches high, and a twisted top some thirty-six inches across.

That little tree shouts a warning to everybody. The mind and soul can be cut back just like the tree, always with the same result - a dwarf.