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Chapter 13: The World Needs to Be One

Now, would it not be good if Americans and Russians start getting married? Let the idiot politicians pile up nuclear weapons, but young people from both the countries should start getting married. Soon the unnecessary hostility will disappear; it will become difficult for an American to be against the Russians - his wife is a Russian. It will be difficult for the Russians to be against the Americans - somebody’s wife is American, somebody’s husband is American.

We have to destroy all the boundaries which have been placed between people. There is no need at all for any boundaries; all boundaries are criminal. The earth is one, and whosoever tries to divide it is committing a great and serious crime.

You are asking me what Zorba the Buddha would have done when Sheela and her fascist group created an ugly situation. Zorba the Buddha did it, at the right point. Unfortunately, right now there is only one Zorba the Buddha. But one Zorba the Buddha is more than thousands of split people. His unsplit energy was enough: those twenty criminals simply escaped.

I would like them to come back and face me on each point. But I don’t think they have the courage. And they are still wanting to commit crime.. Sheela had informed me that she would return my authorizations for her to be my attorney, my secretary, her appointment by me as the president. But she never returned them to me.

And then taking papers from every corporation, that means they have still in mind to do something criminal; otherwise, what was the need to take the stationery of different corporations? Perhaps they have bank accounts in the name of different corporations, and they would like to draw the money from them. Or they will exploit sannyasins, still pretending that Sheela is my secretary.

And it is strange that people can lie so easily. In one of her interviews she says she was my lover. I don’t love prostitutes. I had made her the secretary, not because she was my lover, but because I saw that she can be a foundation stone; and she was.

But stones are stones. When you put them in the foundation, they start telling you that they would like to remain and become the whole temple. When I refused, that was the point at which they escaped.

Saying to the press that she has been my lover.. I have no aversion to love, I have loved many people - perhaps more than any man on the earth living today - but Sheela being my lover.? However I stretch my memory, however compassionate I try to be, it does not work.

She is looking, in her interviews, pathetic. And she will suffer her whole life. She has betrayed the whole commune, all the sannyasins around the world. She has betrayed a great trust, a great love that the sannyasins had shown to her.

But Zorba the Buddha has done his work. You need not be worried: nothing like this is going to happen again. It was a good experience, and it was good to have the experience in the beginning. So now you will be more alert, more aware, and you won’t allow anything like that to happen again.

She has done much harm, and I am trying in every way to heal the wounds that she has created. For example, Antelope.

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