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Chapter 10: Towards a New Humanity

It was springtime, and two lovers were cuddling in a fragrant meadow on a dark, new-moon night.

The young man whispered to his girlfriend, “I sure wish we had a flashlight!”

The girl replied, “I do too. You have been munching on grass for the last five minutes!”

Get it? - otherwise I will have to tell another! Meditate over it later on!

Marlene, a pretty Philadelphia secretary, was taking her first trip across the United States. Driving through the desert she ran out of gas. An Indian gave her a ride, sitting behind him on his pony. Every few minutes as they rode he let out a wild, whooping yell that echoed across the desert. Finally he deposited her at a gas station and went off with a last “Yaa-hoo!”

“What were you doing,” asked the station owner, “to make that redskin do all that hollering?”

“Nothing,” said the girl. “I just sat behind him with my arms around his sides holding onto his saddle horn.”

“Miss,” said the man, “Indians ride bareback!”

Enough for today.