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Chapter 31: Watchfulness: The Essential Religion

Last night I told you the story of Jesus on the cross telling Peter, “Peter, from my height I can see, far away, my house.” From my height of consciousness I can also see the faraway house where love and meditation will dwell together. We have to create that house.

Don’t say love and meditation are opposite polarities. That is a lie propagated by the priests down the ages. It has destroyed lovers into miserable lives and meditators into juiceless deserts. I want your life to be a garden full of flowers - full of fruits, full of juice.

There is no question of how to create a loving, meditative relationship. Here, the people who have gathered around me are already living - at least making an effort for the first time in the whole history of man - to bring love and meditation as two sides of the same experience. Why should love disturb your meditation?

In fact, love should give you the right atmosphere, the right soil to meditate. And meditation should give you the right fragrance for love to become a treasure, a glory, a benediction.